SFU Debate Society

SFU Shrugged: The Info Slide Invitational: World's Edition

SFU is hosting a tournament! SFU Shrugged will be hosted in the Austral's format on July 25th, 2015. This means you will need to bring a team of three. Visit the Facebook page to find current updates to the tournament and connect with other attendees.

Tournament Information

The schedule for the tournament is as follows.

Time Activity
8:30 Registration
9:00 Briefings
9:30 First Round
11:15 Second Round
13:00 Lunch
14:15 Third Round
16:00 Fourth Round


The tabs for the tournament can be found here. Thanks to everyone who attended!


Round 1

  • TH, being the National Review, would not cover Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.
  • TH regrets McDonalds.
  • THBT America should have an explicit industrial policy.

Round 2

  • THBT futarchy is the way to go!
  • THBT the European Union should adopt Esperanto as its official language.
  • THBT the education system should not stream children according to their abilities from a young age.

Round 3

  • TH, as Pakistan, would sell a nuclear weapon to Saudi Arabia if asked.
  • TH regrets the Euro.
  • THBT American liberals should no longer endorse a two state solution.

Round 4

  • TH opposes language policing.
  • THW not punish those who live below the poverty line for economic crimes.
  • THW allow communities to vote to end police supervision.