SFU Debate Society

2015 Western Washington University Speech and Debate Tournament



  • Gordon and Umer
  • Ashton and Trevor


  • Rita


  • Round 1: THBT the deflate-gate accusations against the Patriots have been overblown.
  • Round 2: THBT "philosophical and/or religious objection" constitutes a justifiable reason to reject childhood vaccination.
  • Round 3: TH agrees with the Pope that there should be limits to freedom of expression with respect to religion.
  • Round 4: THBT women should support the Sun's decision to print Page 3 girls.
  • Round 5: THR the glorification of military violence in American cinema.
  • Semis: THBT Greek elections rejecting the politics of austerity will be beneficial.
  • Final: THBT the Republican party should distance itself from the Koch brothers.