SFU Debate Society

2014 University of British Columbia Intervarsity



  • Sandra and Chardaye
  • Trevor and Gordon
  • Ashton and Haider
  • Shaili and Rita
  • Umer and Shazia
  • James and Paul


  • Zane
  • Cameron
  • Emily


  • Round 1: THW fully subsidize religious schools.
  • Round 2: THS a mandatory arrest policy for domestic violence.
  • Round 3: THW grant amnesty to all children who join an international terrorist group.
  • Round 4: THS the right to be forgotten.
  • Round 5: THW choose not to consume art created by people who have committed deeply immoral acts.
  • Semis: TH, as Iron Man, would not share technology with the US government.
  • Final: THBT children's media should not exclusively depict good triumphing over evil.