SFU Debate Society

2014 University of Alberta Hugill Cup



  • Ashton and Gordon
  • Umer and Trevor


  • Round 1: THW prohibit aboriginal bands from banning non-members living on reserve.
  • Round 2: TH, being the NCAA, would allow universities to pay college athletes.
  • Round 3: While exploring the remains of a Soviet-era forced labour camp north of the town of Voru, Estonian officials have discovered a cache of fully-operational intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads. TH would keep the missiles.
  • Round 4: THW lower the standard of proof for cases of rape and sexual assault from beyond a reasonable doubt to a preponderance of the evidence.
  • Round 5: TH prefers a world where space exploration is funded by private companies rather than governments.
  • Semis: THW not apply competition law to digital economic activity.
  • Final: TH, as King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, would ban members of the Islamic State from ever making the Hajj.